Monday, August 2, 2010

The Amazing First Post

Hey everyone! So the site is officially live, yay! A special thanks to those of you who were unlucky enough to be around while I was working on it and had to come in the room every two seconds to reassure me that it looked okay (yes, Shawna, Lauri, and Heidi, I'm talking about your super-heroic selves).

Anyway, I'm Michelle, and I'll be your blogger this evening ("No duh," says you, "It's written all over the place"). Since this is the first entry, I thought I'd start out with a nice description of what this blog will be about, an invitation for discussion, and a desperate plea for help. Moving right along, then...

So here's the deal. I suck at monologues. Unless I'm telling a story of some sort (in which case, you're better off to not let me start), I tend to run out of things to say really fast if I'm not getting some sort of outside response. So that's where you come in. I'm not here to jibber-jabber about me and the adorable thing my hamster did this morning (I don't even have a hamster); I'm here to talk with you. I wanna know what you wanna read on here. Within limits. I'm a historical fiction writer, so I like to talk about history and fiction (profound, I know). *Ideally* this blog would become a place geared especially towards historical and fantasy writers (medieval and fantasy is close enough for us to get along), but general enough for the history buffs and "other" writers to have fun too. Of course, if you want to hear about my fabulous life and amazingly adorable imaginary hamster (I sense a recurring theme coming on. Hamster now named Ned), that can be arranged too.

So here it is, the invitation for discussion: What are your interests and what, from the content mentioned above, would you most like to see? What sort of "crossover" stuff would interest you (i.e. if you're all about history, what writerly stuff would you find cool)? If you don't respond back, I'll be left to my own devices, and THAT could get very scary.

Finally, that desperate plea for help. Don't worry, it doesn't involve your wallet. I'm looking for content to add to the "For Writers" section of my website (tips, links, quick reviews of writing-related books/software/whatever) and guest bloggers (a knowledgeable someone to write a one-time post for this blog). Submissions for the "For Writers" section can be sent straight to me and I'll post them with credit to you if I like them (and credit to me if I don't, jk). For guest blogging submissions, though, please contact me with your topic idea first and we can discuss it. You can contact me here.

Next post coming in a couple of days. Until then, semper ubi sub ubi!

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